Degree Programs

Oklahoma State has a unique approach in producing petroleum engineers. Rather than having a single petroleum engineering program, OSU's petroleum engineering students major in a variety of engineering disciplines and then choose to minor in petroleum engineering. This approach provides the oil & gas industry a well-rounded and unique engineer that can look at challenges in the oil field through a different lens.

Students pursuing a career in petroleum engineering typically major in the following:

Each major produces an engineer better suited for certain roles in the oil & gas industry, however due to common curriculum requirements of all of these engineering majors, many possess the skills to excel in any role they are assigned.

To better understand what each major learns in addition to petroleum engineering, we have provided typical degree sheets for each of these majors:

Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Technology
BSBE                  BSCH                  BSCV                  BSME                  BSET

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