Sponsor an Event or Donate

Sponsors do a great deal for our SPE Chapter at Oklahoma State. Some sponsors are highly involved and others choose to serve as strictly financial supporters. We would not exist to the extent that we do without the generous individuals and corporations that choose to donate to the OSU chapter of SPE.

There are many ways to donate to SPE

Speaker Meetings

We hold speaker meetings nearly every two weeks where companies send their engineers to teach the student members about what really goes on in the oil & gas industry on a day to day basis. If you are interested in hosting a speaker meeting at OSU, please examine our speaker schedule for the 2015-2016 school year and contact us about how to make it happen.

Host an Event

Other companies choose to host events for students. Examples of this include Chesapeake Energy's Ice Cream Social and Halliburton's Camp Bullet. Chesapeake's Ice Cream Social was a huge success. Nearly 100 students came out and enjoyed ice cream while networking with each other and Chesapeake Engineers. Halliburton's Camp Bullet has taken place for a few years now. Halliburton generously brings some of the best and brightest STEM majors to their facilities and operation locations and gives them an unvarnished look at the oil & gas industry. If you are interested in hosting any sort of event, please contact us about how to make it happen.

Cash Donations

If you would like to simply give a tax-deductible cash donation to our chapter to help with operating expenses, that is always welcome as well. Steps to donate in this way are found here.

Thank you for continuing to support student growth opportunities in petroleum engineering through OSU SPE.